Presidential Council for Women Equality. Colombia.




The gender equality is one of our most important pillars when we generate a successful business project, build communities and essencially for the society. Particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering y Mathemathics) this gap es bigger than in other areas and economical activities.

That's why in AoT, we look foward to be the most gender equal company by having since 2020 a 50% of the executive positions occupied by women. But our initiative does not only limit us to hiring or opportunities, also we have:

  • Zero tolerance policies for preventing harrasment and gender violence. Community support Campaigns.
  • Women's support Line and program.
  • 2 off-duty days more for Womens Health each month.
  • Priority for representing AoT in Women's business encounters and any training for women.

Women thar work here in AoT are extremely Capable, independent and succesful. We are proud as a company and a community  to have them as a very essential part of who we are and in what we believe. Just like AoT, our women lead with the example.


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% of Executive positions occupied by Women


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